Friday, December 31, 2010

Decade Ends

plumeriaImage by ruurmo via FlickrI'm looking back at 2010 and I don't quite know whether to tell it to #suckit or to feel some nostalgia. It was both the best year of my life, and one of the shittier ones.

The Good: I was hired at the job of my dreams doing health education.
The Bad: Contract finances ran out and I was laid off in June.
The Ugly: I was laid off from a second job in November.
The Resolution: Find a job I excel at.

The Good: I made a lot of new friends.
The Bad: I didn't get to go to BlogHer10 and meet them in person.
The Ugly: I lost a close friend due to drama.
The Resolution: Continuing working to avoid the drama and remember what a mutually respectful relationship is.

The Good: I moved in with A in October.
The Bad: I was laid off in November (hrm, think this has been a bad thing for me?)
The Ugly: Being together 24/7 with the man has put a strain on our relationship.
The Resolution: Find a job and continue having a social life to keep us flowing more smoothly.

The Good: I finally have health insurance, even while unemployed.
The Bad: I had to go to the ER once this year.
The Ugly: Healthcare coverage is fucking expensive.
The Resolution: Find a job I excel at that has health insurance coverage.

The Good: I continued to learn more and more about who I am and what I want from life.
The Bad: Sometimes the things I learned about myself weren't as positive as I could hope for.
The Ugly: Those things that weren't as positive have been heavy on my heart.
The Resolution: Start one-on-one counseling ASAP, couple's counseling follows shortly thereafter.

The Good: Toward the end of the year, my chronic pain seemed to have slacked a bit.
The Bad: The days of pain that I *do* still have feel worse than they did before.
The Ugly: I am still undiagnosed.
The Resolution: Continue treating my body well and researching what can be done to help.

The Good: I lost weight!
The Bad: I didn't lose much weight.
The Ugly: Me in a swimsuit.
The Resolution: A membership to The Y was a Christmas gift from A and I plan on using it daily.

Ultimately it was a good year. I grew, I fell more in love with A and we've progressed further into our relationship (even when things were hard). I got to see my family and friends in Oregon more than once during the year, I made new Bay Area friends who have become bastions of support in my life. I have been loved, supported, hugged and kissed more this year than ever before. I have smiled, laughed, guffawed, grinned and danced with joy more in 2010 than any year previous.

2011 promises to bring a Golden Birthday, trips back to the Pacific Northwest, a new place of employment, the longest bike ride I've ever taken (Cycle for Sight) and a hotter Inoculatted - she'll be happier, more fulfilled and feel better about herself a year from now. Just you watch.

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  1. Hooray! Love this post (well, the ending, anyhow... ;) ).