Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Liquid Silk from Eden Fantasys

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeFor a couple of years now, I've been involved with a review program at Eden Fantasys, and I've always been very pleased with the process. I've blogged a few times before about the sex toys and products they've generously supplied me with, and I have another to share with you.

This time around, I was lucky enough to be able to sample the Liquid Silk. The many lubricants offered on the Eden Fantasys website were a little overwhelming at first, but upon reading the 300+ reviews, seeing the super-high safety rating, and knowing that all of my customer service experiences with Eden Fantasys has been positive (in case I hated it, yanno), I tried something new.

Unscented, clean feeling, and without residue, Liquid Silk added even more comfort and pleasure to my already steady sex life. With the easy "pump-action" topper, using this lube didn't take away from the intimacy or the spontaneity of sex. Clean-up was unneeded, and I noticed that on the parts of my body the lubricant soaked in were supremely soft.

I would recommend both Liquid Silk and getting any of your favorite lubricants from Eden Fantasys. Their customer service is quick, motivated to please and easy to deal with. Their products are high quality, rated for safety and stand the test of time.

(Disclaimer: I provided this review in return for a free product. Eden Fantasys allows me to share my honest opinion openly and in no way influenced how I truly feel about this product. Mom, this blog post is fake, I don't have sex. I am pure and innocent.)

Happy Holidays, you have no job

I lost my job last week. I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's ultimately not my fault, and that I was miserable at the place anyway, but after a vacation to Portland (I will never move back), I am coming back to the "real' world and remembering that I don't have a job. I also used half my income from my project management job to pay rent & living costs and the other half to pay down debt. I have some small debts left, but I have hardly any savings.


I have a $30/week writing offer, which I will accept, but other than that, I'm applying to jobs all over (ALL OVER) and trying not to let the money-based stress overtake me. I'm taking my medications, trying to keep my depression at bay, but I'm worried. I have no appetite, I only want to sleep, I feel like losing myself in reality TV, and I'm striving not to pull away from everyone and everything. A and I have talked about rejoining a gym together (thank you to The Biggest Loser, perhaps?) and have a few creative outlets I can use to help.


Money is tight for me. A knows it and is going to be supportive, I have faith in that. However, I don't like to depend on someone for help in just keeping my head above water. So I apply. My goal is another 100 jobs before the weekend ... which will make almost 250 jobs in the past two weeks. 250 jobs and I've not received a single call back from them.


I need my friends right now.
I need my friends to remind me that it will get better.
I need my friends to support me as I pull away and get quiet.
I need my friends to share more love with me now than ever before.
I need my friends right now.