Friday, November 19, 2010

Likes & Dislikes

Thanks to MrsHeatherMe and Ewokmama, I feel the need to share some things I really like with ya'll. But first? I'm gonna share some things I really don't like.


  • stomachaches (heartburn, indigestion, ugh ugh ugh)
  • not being able to sleep in, yet wanting a nap two hours after I get up
  • headaches
  • not being allowed to have milk products regularly
  • my job (and the subsequent need to apply elsewhere)


  • A ... he's keeping me sane right now
  • Brussels sprouts (see yesterday's dinner)
  • strong coffee (yes, I'm back on the coffee)
  • reality TV
  • feeling motivated to go to yoga classes and get back to the gym
  • having California plates
  • pumpkin
  • the excitement of traveling back to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday
  • straight teeth
  • a good burp

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